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The 10 Most Important Qualities your SEO Specialist Philippines Must Have

This 2015, an estimated 3 billion people are said to already be using the internet. In 2016, it is expected that a quarter of the world will already be using smartphones to access the internet. And that's just smartphones! That's not including laptops, tablets, and watches (Apple?) yet.

With this rising trend in technology, it is expected that more and more people will be looking to the internet to get what they need whether it's for communication, shopping, games, education, research, movies, music, and more; the uses of the internet truly are endless. Who knows what more we can do with the internet in the years to come?

Why your Business Needs an SEO Specialist Philippines

The growing number of users online has also led to businesses slowly shifting their focus from traditional to online marketing since it's where most of their target audience is found. Now online marketing isn't as easy as buying a domain name and posting photos of your products. With the internet being around for quite some time now, search engines like Google has made it quite a bit of a challenge for businesses to earn rankings in their search results.

This means that you need to execute the right strategies in order for your business to rank in search engines. With that, you'll need someone who's particularly good at optimizing sites; someone who knows what steps to take so that your site not only gets at the top results but also gains you new customers for your business. To put it simply, you need an SEO specialist.

There are millions of SEO specialists out there but only a few are truly good at it. Before you even think about hiring that next person who replies to your job post, it's good to know the 10 qualities a great SEO specialist should have.

1. Years of experience in SEO

An SEO specialist with years of experience can look at a site and come up with a customized strategy that can help the site gain more traffic and online visibility. This is the kind of specialist that you want since each site has its own set of unique problems that require specific solutions, not just a uniform strategy: something SEO newcomers typically implement on every site they handle.

As for me, I started delving into SEO in 2007 when I tried to optimize my own site. At the time, I didn't really know what I was doing; I was researching and studying simply because I wanted to know how to rank my site in Google using certain keywords. The more I studied, the more I learned that Title Tags, Descriptions, Headers, Meta Keywords (they were around from 2007 to 2010) and tons of backlinks were effective in ranking one's site.

I was able to rank a lot of sites; I even remember an old expired site of mine,, which ranked at # 1 and sometimes ranked second for the keyword "fashion events" with 1 billion competitors in SERPs. That was my very gig as a freelance SEO in the Philippines; I was a sub-contractor for my SEO friends as well as for other companies where I did link building and created my own strategic link building flows.

2. A sound comprehension of all three levels of SEO

SEO has three levels: technical, on-page, and off-page optimization. A good understanding and implementation of these three levels ensures success for every site that you handle. Knowing all the three levels is especially important in today's SEO. An SEO specialist who doesn't know all the SEO aspects is going to end stagnant with the website he is trying to optimize. This is why it's very important that all SEO specialists know all the three levels.

When it comes to these three levels, I begin with the technical side; I make sure I know all the problems a site has. Is it indexable? Is it easily crawlable? Is the site fast enough so as not to discourage users from browsing? Is it user-friendly that visitors will be happy to use the site? Are there black hat SEO techniques implemented? If yes, it could be one of the factors that could ruin your site optimization strategy.

As for on-page optimization, I make sure that all the important elements are present. This includes title tags, meta description, headers, keywords within the content body. I also make sure that the target keyword is relevant for each page and that it doesn't compete with the other pages. The content also has to be unique enough for Google to rank it.

Speaking of content, code to content ratio is also something that I look into. I make sure that the quantity of the content is higher than the coding text of the site; this makes it easier for Google's search engines and spiders to calculate the relevancy of the webpage.

I also give importance to other elements such as internal linking, breadcrumbs, canonicals, alt tags for images, name, address, and phone (NAP) in the footer and Schema/Microdata. This lets Google know that the website is intended for target customers at target regions.

Moving on to off-page, my strategy is very simple; I make sure I maintain quality, relevancy, and naturalness. Below are just some of the off-page strategies I implement:

* Reviews of the client's product and service reviews
* Conducting promotions about products and services
* Releasing a press release that informs customers about the client's activities
* Designating experts in a niche to manage and transact with publishers
* Creating a citation profile for the business so it gets recognized in the local area
* Creating a blog on-page for publishers to use as a reference
* Creating creative and viral-worthy videos and infographics targeted towards niche persons, and businesses as well as target audience from community sites such as forums and social media

I have implemented all these off-page strategies in my SEO campaigns and so far, they have all proven to be effective and successful in helping a site rank.

3. A track record for achieving top rankings

An SEO specialist that is all talk is just that: talk. You want a specialist that can actually back up what they're saying. Before hiring any SEO specialist, have them present at least three references of companies that they helped succeed. I am happy to say that I have helped more than three companies reach the top ranks in search engines.

I have worked as an SEO specialist Philippines for several companies although most of my clients don't allow me post them in my client portfolio. I do make sure that my clients receive organic traffic and gain conversion for their business. Some of my clients that have ranked high in SERPS include niches like shipping containers (currently at #1 with that keyword in Australia), jewelry, credit consolidation (currently at #1 with that keyword in Canada), interactive advertisement (currently at #1 with that keyword in the Philippines), real estate (Fort Condominiums), and car title loans.

In social media, I have also handled Missy Elliot's Facebook and Twitter page (, which at that time only had less than a million followers. In just a matter of three months of handling their social media, I was able to help it gain more than a million followers.

When I'm not busy, I work on my hobby site Manila Channel, which is now gaining 10,000-100,000 visitors per day depending on how viral the content is.

4. Knowledgeable in marketing

Being a good SEO specialist means you also have to be a good marketer. Not only does your site have to rank, you also have to make sure your content is convincing enough for users to take the bait. Let's say your site is on top of search results but when users visit it, it's not as attractive and user-friendly as it should be causing them to be turned off and leaving your site.

When it comes to SEO, you should not only think of rankings but also of your visitors' user experience. Give them a reason to stay on the site by making them happy with what they see. A good strategy is to give amazing offers like discounts, free coupons, and time-limited subscriptions. You also need to show what benefits your audience can enjoy if they get your client's products. Will they be happy if they pay for your products and services? A good way to exhibit this benefit is by posting reviews and testimonials about your products and services. Show them that what you have to offer is not only of the best quality, but also affordable and worthy of their money.

That's my principle in SEO; it doesn't have to be all technical. My main goal is to attract customers and make them love the product/service and the brand.

5. A good balance in the understanding of various subjects

A good SEO specialist should be aware of the regular updates and feedback regarding SEO. It's these little things that make it possible for you to create a good plan for your SEO campaign.

Consumer feedback is especially helpful because you know which aspects of the business need to be improved. As an SEO specialist Philippines, I need to be updated of the latest news about SEO; this in turn helps me create plans that will not only improve my client's business but also prevent damages caused by unexpected updates.

Exchanging ideas and brainstorming with people involved in the campaign also provides a great deal of help in boosting your client's business.

6. The ability to see the big-picture

For me, SEO is not just about ranking a site, it's also about turning traffic into conversion and making the brand recognized. If all elements like brand, target keywords, and organic traffic using less competitive keywords are successful, this makes for a higher chance of conversion.

All online opportunities should be included in the campaign. Let's take viral content as an example; one content that goes viral like wildfire can result in a sudden spike on your business' conversion rate. All campaign goals should be directed towards gaining conversion otherwise, how is your client's business supposed to gain profit?

7. A flexible personality

Being an SEO specialist means you'll be working with various people including those in the IT, sales, marketing, and analytics; team work is very important. In my experience, a good working relationship with my development team makes it easier for me to execute my strategies. I also make sure I seek permission from higher management or from my client before implementing them.

What I typically do is document my proposal and discuss it with my clients. If approved, I pursue the plan with deeper concepts and get back to my client for another approval. I then test it using the A/B testing concept and if the result is positive, that's the time I gather my team and discuss with them the step-by-step guidelines for executing my plan.

Working through the process and adjusting according to the environment is very important in SEO operation. Not only do you need to be technical and creative, you also need to be able to work with your team and create a good environment so that everyone can deliver the desired output.

8. Topnotch communication skills

A good SEO specialist Philippines is someone who is able to explain clearly and make the team understand why a certain change should be implemented to the site. I always communicate with my team however I admit that I have a weakness when it comes to English grammar. I guess it all goes back to my school days. I have the strategy, planning, auditing, and implementation skills and I can confidently deliver the guidelines to my team however when it comes to content writing and creating written documents, I always need a proofreader to polish my English.

With regards to the step-by-step guidelines, there's no need to worry because I can discuss it as easy as counting 1 to 10.

9. Resilient and efficient

Setbacks are very common in the SEO industry especially with Google updates being unpredictable. You never know what next year or next month's update is going to be. This is why it is very important that an SEO specialist be resilient and efficient: resilient enough to weather the unpredictability of this industry and efficient enough to implement changes right away.

Just like what BDO, a bank in the Philippines, says, "We find ways." I always find a way to implement my recommendations properly and efficiently. Aside from that, there are already tons of scenarios wherein Google can be used as reference to do tests and implementations.

10. A persistent inquisitiveness

One of the things to look for in an SEO guy is the passion to explore new things. Don't just get someone for their stock knowledge; get them because they have a strong desire to know the "why" behind that knowledge. Never stop learning about your work environment and how Google ranks sites in SERPs. By exploring these things and analyzing new data, the result in you as an SEO specialist will be just as good as a successfully optimized website in SERPs.

I never stop learning; learning is part of my job as a freelance SEO specialist in the Philippines because there will always be changes in the SEO industry.

If you need an SEO specialist with all the ten qualities discussed above, you can contact me at Skype: cincobr or email me at

Note: I am accepting clients from all areas except for Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada as I am currently working for a company operating in these regions.

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